Varagunna Perungudi History

The ancient/forefathers of Kongu Vellars formed different Kudipattu Kulam in order to have cordial relationship among their kith and Kin and built Kulathaivam temples in the name of Shakthi. There are about 65 important clans were created and the people belonging to the same clan (Kudipattukarar) were called Pangli (Cousins), and people belong different clan but visit the single Kulathaivam temple. The people belong to other clans went to different Kulathaivam temple are called Maman-Machan and get married with each other clan.

Speciality of the Clan
Though each clan has its own reason for the Name it has, Perugungudi (Perungudi means highest) ‘unmatched name’ were given to only our Kudipattukarar clan. The reason why our forefathers got the name Perungudi is because of their distinctive special characters of unselfishness, innocence of helping others with physical labour, advice, monetary help without having in mind whether the beneficiary is rich or poor or any other caste he belongs to. The history of Ponnar and Sankar describes the innocence of our forefathers of Perungudi Clan with the character of ‘Kundrudaiyan’- means one who owns and controls the hills. The bride from Perungudi, who is married to other clans, has the distinctive character and courage to uphold the family she is married to, with great care and magnanimity is a true factor prevalent till today.

A situation was created to form different ‘Kulathaivam’ temples after a forefather of ours married three women and had many men children.

The sons of first wife have built a Kaliamman temple in the Puliyur region and called themselves as ‘Puliyur Perungundi’.

The sons of Second wife built a Kaliamman Temple in Vangal and called themselves as ‘Vangal Perungudi’

The sons of third wife built a Kaliamman Temple in Murunga Kidaram region and called themselves as “Murunga Kidaram Perungudi”

They call themselves ‘Pangalis’, though they built separate ‘Kulathaivam’ temples in different places.

The Varagunna Perungudi clan has the divine blessings and Grace; the divine disguised and participated as character called ‘Mayavar’ in the Ponnar and Sankar history, the divine Paremeswari born as Periagandiamman in the Veerapur region, Vangal Amman and Madhukarai Chellandiamman, the cows vehicle of Paremeswara is being grown and maintained us, the guards Mahamuni and Karuppanna swami for Peremeswari and Sabdha Kannimarkal, the ‘Bhakthi’ devotion and prayer by us towards these deities are the ‘example’.

Why VARAGU has not been used by the Clan
Divine grace communicated in the form ‘Asariri’ that we should not either grow or eat ‘Varagu’, so we got the name Varagunna Perungundi for our clan. Till today we do not either cultivate or consume or walk in the Varagu field.

“Vangal Kudikale Varakinai Innimale
Ningal Unneer Nilathil Vithaieer
Theengathu Saiuum Thiraviam Nasam
Thanga Perungudi Thavirthal Nandre” --- Asariri Vakku.

As our clan has extraordinary Divine Grace.