1. Kaveri
  2. Bhavani
  3. Noyel
  4. Amaravathi
  5. Shanmuganathi
  6. Koliyaru
  7. Karaipottanaru
  8. Palaiaru Valaiaru
  9. Nalyiaru
  10. Kudavaru Thopaiaru
  11. Thirumanimutharu

The major river of the Kongu region both in the ancient and modern era is the river Kaveri. It rises in the Bagamandala near Thalai Kaveri in Coorg and flows south-eastwards across the plateau.

The Bhavani rises in the silent valley forests of the Valluvanda taluk of the Malabar district. Before it enters into the Kongu, it joins with the Siruvani, rising in the Attapadi valley of Kerala.

Amaravathi rises in the Anjanda valley of the Kerala State between the Anamalai hills and the Palani hills. It descends in a northerly direction and widens at Kallapuram, the mouth of the Ajanda valley in Udumalpet.

In the Salem district, the Toppur river which was also known as the Toppiar or the Veppadiyar, is one of the minor tributaries of the river Kaveri.

The Sarabhanga-nadi is another tributary of the Kaveri river. This is formed by the union of two streams, namely the Omalur East river and the Omalur West river.