Related groups

Some of following groups are historically related but seldom intermarry now. It is also a comprehensive list of Tamil speaking castes that use Gounder as a title just in old Kongu Nadu area.

  • Nattu Gounder
  • Narambukkatti Gounder
  • Tirumudi Vellalar Gounderr
  • Thondu Vellalar Gounder
  • Pala Gounder
  • Poosari Gounder
  • Anuppa Vellala Gounder
  • Kurumba Gounder
  • Padaithalai Gounder
  • Chendalai Gounder
  • Pavalankatti Vellala Gounder
  • Palavellala Gounder
  • Sanku Vellala Gounder
  • Rathinagiri Gounder
  • Modavaandi Gounder
  • Okkaliga Gounder