Hereditary Trustees

Origin And Hereditary Managing Trustees

Arulmigu Pudhu Vangalamman is the kuladeivam of the Perungudikulam sect of Vellala Gounder Community. The Perungudikulam was originally worshipping at Arulmigu Vangalamman Temple (Old Vangalamman Temple) along with other community people. In or about the middle of the 19th century, due to differences with the pujaris necessity arose for the establishment of a Pudhu Vangalamman temple exclusively for the worship of the Perungudikulam sect of Vellala Gounders.

Mr. Palaniandi Gounder, the eldest son of late Me. Kaliyanna Gounder who attained Jeeva Samadhi in around the year 1850. Took the initiative to build the pudu Vangalamman Temple in or about the year 1885. He applied to the Revenue Department for permission to construct the temple in Old S. No 345 [New S.No 315] of Kuppuchipalayam. After obtaining the order for construction of temple from the Revenue Department, he constructed Pudhu Vangalamman Temple and completed it in or about the year 1888. Vellala Gounders belonging to the Perungudi kulam contributed for the construction of the temple.

After completing the construction of the temple, Mr.Palaniandi Gounder was managing the affairs of the temple as founder Trustee till his death in the year 1890. He had no issues. He had three brothers and the eldest was Mr.Velayudha Gounder. As per the wishes of Mr.Palaniandi Gounder and as laid down by the founder, Mr.Velayutha Gounder succeeded to the management of the above temple till his death.

In the family partition between Mr.Velayutha Gounder and his surviving brothers, 0.42 cents of wet land in S.No.599, of Vangal village belonging to Mr.Velayudha Gounder family was donated to the Pudhu Vangalamman Temple.

Mr.Velayutha Gounder managed the affairs of the temple as laid down by the founder till his death in the year 1910. After the death of Subbaraya gounder, his son S.Kalianna gounder succeeded to the trusteeship of the above temple and had been managing it till his death in the year 1976. During his tenure of office he obtained eletricity connection for the temple in his name.

After the death of S.Kalianna gounder his eldest son K.Subbaraya gounder, Advocate, succeeded to the trusteeship of the above temple and was managing it till his death in the year 1999. He renovated the temple and performed Kumbhabishekam in the year 1979. The several constructions done at the time were done as donor work by the worshippers themselves.

Mr.K.Subbaraya Gounder also obtained another service connection for the temple. He had been meeting the daily puja expenses from the income derived the 0.40 cents of wet land which he had earmarked for the temple and from his own contribution.

After the death of Mr.K.Subbaraya Gounder, his son Dr.S.Sivakumar succeeded to the hereditary trusteeship. Since Dr.S.Sivakumar was pursuing his medical practice at Trichy, he was unable to involve himself fully in the temple administration. So, he authorized Mr.Raveeswaramoorthy to act as the trustee. Mr.Raveeswaramoorthy started the present temple construction in the year 2003 and involved himself fully for the same…

Subsequent to his illness in the year 2006, he was unable to involve himself in the temple affairs. Hence, Dr.S.Sivakumar took over the hereditary trusteeship.

The trusteeship had devolved in the family for more than three generation and well over hundred years as laid down by the founder of the temple, Mr.Velayudha Gounder and by longstanding usage. The management of the Pudhu Vangalamman Temple as hereditary trustee had been recognized by the members of the perungudikulam and the public of the village. The devolution of the hereditary trusteeship is shown in the under mentioned schedule.

Trustees Chart
Kalianna Gounder
Mr.Palaniandi Gounder
(No issues. Passed 1890)
Mr.Velayudha Gounder
(Passed 1910)
Mr.Subbaraya Gounder
(Passed 1922)

Mr.Kaliyanna Gounder
(Passed 1976)

Mr.K.Subbaraya Gounder
(Passed 1999)